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R&B music, the rhythmical heart and soul of vibrantly textured melodies. Known for its sonic depth and the lyrical portraying of emotion, R&B pulls you onto a rollercoaster of sentiments, with each beat and rhythm ringing with resounding fervor. Melt into a soundscape typified by its smooth basslines, sensual rhythms, and lush vocals, bouncing between themes of romance, resilience, and personal reflection. Welcome to the entrancing universe of R&B, your personal conduit for emotive exploration.

The vibrant canvas of R&B — originally an abbreviation for 'Rhythm & Blues' — is a confluence of soulful introspection and lively beats. Embracing a wide-ranging palette from soulful ballads to uptempo dance tracks, R&B explores love, heartache, and the human spirit in its bare, poignant detail. Submerge into its resonant depths, and you’ll discover a rich lineage interlacing influences from gospel, funk, hip-hop, and jazz, resulting in a sound that is as diversely inspired as it is distinctively satisfying.

Embrace the mesmerizing allure of R&B, a dimension of harmonious storytelling and emotive rhythms. Experience the heart-tugging lyrics and soul-stirring beats echoing in each track. This is your invitation to a sensory orchestra of expressive narratives and captivating vibes that materialize through soul-kissed melodies. Step into the world of R&B, feel the rhythmic pulse in your veins, and let your sentiment be carried by the lullaby of soulful melodies. It's time to plunge headfirst into the immersive odyssey that is R&B.

Tellin Lies
  • Quality: 192kbps
  • Duration: 109s
  • Provided by: SSGKobe
4tunesoul Rythm and Bass
  • Quality: 192kbps
  • Duration: 2355s
  • Provided by: 4tunesoul
  • Quality: 192kbps
  • Duration: 1261s
  • Provided by: Calvinus Clane
Nubiansoul Sessions Mix 17 (90s & 2000's Throwback)
  • Quality: 192kbps
  • Duration: 4213s
  • Provided by: sanubiansoul
Stoned At The Nail Salon
  • Quality: 192kbps
  • Duration: 8686s
  • Provided by: Onzi
DJ FREAKY RnB Throwback Mix
  • Quality: 192kbps
  • Duration: 4325s
  • Provided by: Dj Freaky Ke
Just_Labs - September 2023 Mix
  • Quality: 192kbps
  • Duration: 1282s
  • Provided by: Just_Labs (DJ)
CHILLOUT🥶WEDNESDAY🚄RAID💥TRAIN🚆Hosted By Slipset Ent 🇨🇦🕖7-8🕗🇧🇧 PM EST‼️ | @djkquicklive IN THE MIX (Sep 27, 2023)
  • Quality: 192kbps
  • Duration: 5685s
  • Provided by: DjKquickLive Mixes
02h15(Come Thru)
  • Quality: 192kbps
  • Duration: 96s
  • Provided by: Avian Wavey
Crystal Rivers | Kingdom Mysteries | Sep 27, 2023
  • Quality: 192kbps
  • Duration: 4421s
  • Provided by: Cave Adullam
  • Quality: 192kbps
  • Duration: 6137s
  • Provided by: DEEJAY CANDYFRANKY 254
Group selection 2023
  • Quality: 192kbps
  • Duration: 4151s
  • Provided by: Maphonza
The Soul Spot ... R&B Session 63 ft Brent Faiyaz, Burna Boy, SZA, Cleo Sol
  • Quality: 192kbps
  • Duration: 3754s
  • Provided by: DJ NEP
MOC Mix Party (Aired On MOCRadio 9-15-23)
  • Quality: 192kbps
  • Duration: 3550s
  • Provided by: Metro Beatz
DJ Silos- Soothing love Breeze Mix (1)
  • Quality: 192kbps
  • Duration: 3773s
  • Provided by: Dj Silos
  • Quality: 192kbps
  • Duration: 3699s
  • Provided by: DJ JazzyLu
Crystal Rivers | Open Book | Sep 26, 2023
  • Quality: 192kbps
  • Duration: 6878s
  • Provided by: Cave Adullam
Ivy ''88 - Ride Ur Wave (feat. Msavy)
  • Quality: 192kbps
  • Duration: 188s
  • Provided by: Thuso “Ivy_88” Soul
01 september mix Dj Derwidz
  • Quality: 192kbps
  • Duration: 3697s
  • Provided by: Dj Derwidz
R&B DJ Point 5 Comfort Zone (09/26/2023)
  • Quality: 192kbps
  • Duration: 1127s
  • Provided by: DJ Point 5