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Jazz, oh jazz! As a fervent fan, let me welcome you to this scintillating universe. Jazz is not just music, it’s the sound of the soul singing to the rhythmic beats of life. It's spontaneity, improv, a conversation between instruments, embodying a wide spectrum of emotions — from joy to melancholy, hope to despair.

With roots in the late 19th and early 20th-century African-American communities, Jazz spread like wildfire across the globe, seducing audiences with its lively rhythms, complex harmonies, and captivating improvisations. It has spawned countless sub-genres over the years, each showcasing a unique blend of culture and creativity, from the Dixieland bands of New Orleans to the smoky bebop clubs of New York.

Through MyFreeMP3, we transport you to this captivating realm of Jazz, offering an extensive collection of Jazz tracks available for download at no cost. From energetic swing tunes to mellow Jazz ballads, listen to the stories these notes tell and be swept away by the irresistible charm only Jazz can deliver. So, grab your headphones, press play, and let the soulful journey begin with MyFreeMP3.

All That Jazz 2020-23
  • Quality: 192kbps
  • Duration: 3526s
  • Provided by: Ronald van Cuilenborg
DILU Beats Songs Collection - LaSh
  • Quality: 192kbps
  • Duration: 1890s
  • Provided by: LaSh
DJ Bro. Takanaka Set1
  • Quality: 192kbps
  • Duration: 2083s
  • Provided by: Bongo Radio
Jam Cats wit Aaron Jonah Lewis (June 20th 2023)
  • Quality: 192kbps
  • Duration: 9346s
  • Provided by: Audio Goo (Seraphim)
2023 Dj Roy Tender Shadow Touch - Chillaxing Jazz
  • Quality: 192kbps
  • Duration: 3650s
  • Provided by: dj roy belgium
Terrestrial Planets C90 by Moahaha
  • Quality: 192kbps
  • Duration: 5400s
  • Provided by: Dream Weapons
  • Quality: 192kbps
  • Duration: 5919s
  • Provided by: Davis Kibirige
Jazz2Go Show Replay On - 25th September 2023
  • Quality: 192kbps
  • Duration: 7209s
  • Provided by: Trax FM Wicked Music For Wicked People
  • Quality: 192kbps
  • Duration: 3599s
  • Provided by: arno en el barrio
Highstreet Jazz & Blues 24-09-2023 uur 2
  • Quality: 192kbps
  • Duration: 3499s
  • Provided by: Regio90
Smooth Jazz Top 100 | 25.09.2023
  • Quality: 192kbps
  • Duration: 3599s
  • Provided by: Smooth Jazz Club
Music From The Smooth Jazz Kitchen - Moment By Moment
  • Quality: 192kbps
  • Duration: 6535s
  • Provided by: Chef Bruce's Jazz Kitchen
  • Quality: 192kbps
  • Duration: 1899s
Smooth Jazz Discover 139 | Incognito, Yusuke Shima, Igor Gerzina, RL Walker, Ear Candy Jazz Factory, Hiromi, Léon Phal & more
  • Quality: 192kbps
  • Duration: 3599s
  • Provided by: Smooth Jazz Club
The Groove - Zambezi Jazz Vibes on Zambezi Soul Radio [24-09-2023]
  • Quality: 192kbps
  • Duration: 7476s
  • Provided by: Zambezi Soul Radio
Deep House Lover By Lebogang rsa
  • Quality: 192kbps
  • Duration: 1876s
  • Provided by: Lebogang Legodi
  • Quality: 192kbps
  • Duration: 4633s
  • Provided by: Deejey Blind
2023-09-20 Kaleidoscope 'Music In All Colors'
  • Quality: 192kbps
  • Duration: 7353s
  • Provided by: Neal Scarff
(56).23.09.23.les couleurs du jazz : J.C. VERA & Jazz En Velay Festival 2023 : Rhoda SCOTT
  • Quality: 192kbps
  • Duration: 3810s
  • Provided by: FM43, la radio de la Haute-Loire
22-09-23 BP Friday Jazz Hour
  • Quality: 192kbps
  • Duration: 3594s
  • Provided by: Bob Powell aka Cuddles