Deep House

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Step into the immersive, pulsating universe of Deep House music. Evoked from the fervor of the late 80s club scene in Chicago and New York, Deep House submerges you into intoxicating complex rhythms, sprinkled with luscious bass, atmospheric vocals, and a melodious soulful essence.

Our service escorts you to the heart of this hypnotic genre, offering an array of tracks intertwined with sultry saxophone solos, jazzy undertones, and the velvet hum of a well-placed bassline. With our selection, you can traverse from vintage Deep House classics that ignited dancefloors to modern mixes shaping the genre's evolution.

Deep House conjures a heady sonic sound bath designed to capture your senses, to invite introspection and spiritual connection through music. Each playlist, every track we curate, navigates a spectrum of human emotion, taking you on an unwinding journey from the euphoric highs to the tranquil lows.

Immerse yourself in the rhythm, feel the pulsing bass, let the intricate soundscape wash over you. With Deep House, you witness a symphony of sonic waves designed to serenade the depths of your emotions. Let our service be your gateway into this rhythmic voyage, appealing to both your body's desire to dance and your mind's need to unwind. Indulge in the depth, dive into the melody, and let the soulful vibes of Deep House music transport you.

House Is Deep 03 (First Impression Mix)_ ManKave
  • Quality: 192kbps
  • Duration: 3732s
  • Provided by: ManKave @proudAfrica
G RORTH_-_Heritage Private Hotel Special Vocal Mix
  • Quality: 192kbps
  • Duration: 4648s
  • Provided by: thamsanqa Phungula
Underground Series (KASI Stories Mix)
  • Quality: 192kbps
  • Duration: 5672s
  • Provided by: SmvshTonnikSol
EMar Sounds - OSFest - 16-09-23 - Stage 1 - Deep Project (1st Set)
  • Quality: 192kbps
  • Duration: 3600s
  • Provided by: EMar D21
  • Quality: 192kbps
  • Duration: 4707s
  • Provided by: GABRI3L
Post-Heritage Experience Mixed by Indulge
  • Quality: 192kbps
  • Duration: 5105s
  • Provided by: The Majestic Sensations Podcast
MPWR Sessions #36 - Mixed by M-Power RSA
  • Quality: 192kbps
  • Duration: 3737s
  • Provided by: MaxNote Media
Lesedi Fm Mix By Mr.P 2023-09-30
  • Quality: 192kbps
  • Duration: 3489s
  • Provided by: Mister PinA
Time4Soul Podcast Episode 38 Mixed By 29MINDSET
  • Quality: 192kbps
  • Duration: 3986s
  • Provided by: Time4Soul
The AirBassRadio Show #806
  • Quality: 192kbps
  • Duration: 2753s
  • Provided by: AirBassRadio
Advocate Of Deep Vol.11 By Citizen Sthee
  • Quality: 192kbps
  • Duration: 3831s
  • Provided by: Citizen sthee
Bathini (Main Mix)
  • Quality: 192kbps
  • Duration: 337s
  • Provided by: KONKASTEEZ
4 Tha Kulture VI (Mixed By Tha Bang)
  • Quality: 192kbps
  • Duration: 3600s
  • Provided by: Music To The World Recordings
Dejavu Pieces 37 mixed by Baleni
  • Quality: 192kbps
  • Duration: 3736s
  • Provided by: Baleni Khumalo
Roots Mix 01 Mixed By JUCS
  • Quality: 192kbps
  • Duration: 4615s
  • Provided by: Jucs
Deep House Session Part.10
  • Quality: 192kbps
  • Duration: 7478s
  • Provided by: Mono Low
Vegas Roots Part - 6 (Five Tuesdays In Winter Mixed By Embrace SA)
  • Quality: 192kbps
  • Duration: 4405s
  • Provided by: Embrace SA
  • Quality: 192kbps
  • Duration: 3817s
  • Provided by: GIFT SOUND ENT
Dolly Selections #14 - Slowly On Decks
  • Quality: 192kbps
  • Duration: 3607s
  • Provided by: Slowly On Decks
Bell Mesk Djoon Traxsource DJ Competition
  • Quality: 192kbps
  • Duration: 3918s
  • Provided by: Bell Mesk